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Exploring growth and transformation for a life of integrity and joy


Thank you for exploring your life, and looking for ways to express your full self in the world.

Where ever you find yourself, I am grateful you have found this resource as one of your first steps toward the true you.

Whether you are living with anxiety, depression, grief, transition, wounded relationships or mental health challenges, you are on a journey to live a life of fullness, integrity, peace and purpose.  You may have lost sight of your goals, you may be facing obstacles that feel overwhelming, or you may feel alone in your travels.

Call me for a first conversation, as the second step in working towards the life you long for.

I will listen to your story, help you shape your desires into achievable goals, and offer you tools to cope with (and thrive on) the path that lies before you.

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“Emerging Wholeness” is the name for my services because I believe that there is a wholeness in each person, that is waiting for the right conditions to blossom.

Sometimes, our wholeness has been wounded by trauma, or covered up due to conflicted relationships, stress or mental health challenges.  

Through counselling, self-reflection, rebuilding healthy lifestyles and practicing good communication skills, the conditions for growth and healing are built.  I would be honoured to accompany you on that journey.


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I am a counsellor with over 25 years of clinical experience, serving adolescents, adults, couples and people living with developmental challenges.


I have worked in Crisis Intervention, Family Counselling, and Addiction Services. As a trained Mediator, Group Dynamics Specialist and a Retreat Leader, I can work with organizations to support their goals for group cohesion which still welcomes diversity of ideas and creativity.


Please reach out to me directly to book a session, initial consultation, or with any other inquiries.
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