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Finding Your Voice-June 10 to 12, 2024

June 10, 2024

Camp Miminagish, near Big Timber, Montana

A Women's song and art gathering to claim our voice and practice creativity in community.


Claim your own Full Voice

May 13, 2020

Join a highly engaging interactive workshop on Friday May 13th to explore the intersection of Voice and Vocation, Soul and Role.   In cooperation with Emerging Wholeness, in a half-day workshop, extraordinary singer/songwriter and facilitator Barbara McAfee (, will guide participants to identify ways to project authority, express passion, extend compassion and convey vision in everyday conversation.  

Using her unique Five Elements Framework (earth, fire, air metal and water)  Barbara will enable participants to increase their vocal awareness, flexibility and expression.

Our voice is the primary vehicle through which our inner ideas enter the world.  The voice is an intersection of body, mind, spirit and emotions.  If you want to learn to be authentic, grounded, persuasive and passionate as you speak, this Full Voice workshop will appeal to you.

Barbara invites you to consider the question “Who you gonna be while you do what you do?”  How will you give full expression to your self,  how will your work be enlivened, animated and inspired through cennecting deeply to your voice?

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