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Find your Joy and Deepen your Grounding

Take a breath.  If you really think about it, that action is a miracle of connection.  We breathe in what the trees breathe out.  Our lungs liquify the breathe into our blood stream and our hearts pump the energy to every cell of our body, and cleanse away the waste products that no longer serve our cells.  We excrete waste and breathe out the very gases that the trees need for their nourishment.

Whether we see is or not, we are connected to all other living things.  More is the loneliness, when we lose our awareness of our connection.

Anxiety, depression, grief, family abuse and alienation all cause individuals to feel isolated, cutt-off and disconnected from community.  The sense of loss and loneliness, the sense of being undeserving or unable to enjoy life all impair our perception of our human worth and wholeness.

Counselling is one way to find a life-line back to our selves.

Dianne Baker is a skilled and compassionate listener who is a reliable and deeply present guide, as you choose to walk the inner path of self-discovery.  As a therapist with experience and warmth, using skills honed over 25 years of practice, Dianne will help you shape your goals for self-discovery and accompany on your journey to wholeness and wellness.  Call today for a discounted first consultation.

Breathe today, and reconnect with the joy of life and community.



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