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"We will sing our way to wholeness"

There is a growing body of scientific evidence to support what human beings have always know since we first began banging hollow logs with sticks and stomping our feet in time to that beat: Making sound and rhythm together builds a sense of togetherness! Add voice, harmonies and meaningful words, and we have a beautiful, nurturing technology of belonging!

In Britain, the National Health organization has recently endorsed the social prescription of singing. A doctor may actually advise a client to 'join a choir' as a medical recommendation to treat depression or anxiety.

I know from my own experience as both a singer and a song leader that being in a group that breathes together, moves together and creates vocal beauty together, that I emerge from those experiences with an increased sense of calm, and an appreciation for all the others in the group who choose to sing together.

It doesn't matter if you feel you can sing well, or if you have a sense that you can't 'carry a tune in a bucket', or have been told by others that you don't sound good. When you step into a community that welcomes you and your voice, however you show up, and you take a deep breath, and sing with others, you belong!

The resonance of your own voice in your own body can stir healing vibrations in the tissues and liquids that make up your physical essence. Hum a low gentle tone to yourself is you are feeling anxious. You will begin to find calmness returning.

I recently held my wiggly, fevered granddaughter and rocked and sang her to sleep with lullabies and Carole King songs and John Denver tunes. Music soothes and heals.

I host a song circle in my community, where we learn songs by ear, and layer harmonies, and sing in repetion. Everyone is welcome, and all songs are taught fresh every time so there are no 'insiders' who know all the songs. We create a spirit of welcome, inclusion, appreciation and kindness.

If that sounds like a prescription for your heart and soul, contact me for more details.

Your voice matters, and you are welcome, as together "We will sing our way to wholeness". (a quote from a song by Serena Partridge.)


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